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We enter the mysterious world of the wolf in the Polish Carpathians

Eurasian lynx in winter
Eurasian lynx in winter

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Bison winter
Bison winter

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Carpathian landscape in autunm
Carpathian landscape in autunm

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Eurasian lynx in winter
Eurasian lynx in winter

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Poland hides natural landscapes of immense wealth due to the number of wild animals that inhabit its mountains and forests.

Among these animals we can find brown bear, wolf, European bison, boreal lynx and beaver among others.

We have a photographic hide in which we always have the visit of a pack of wolves and different bears, as well as several lynxes that can sometimes be seen. In addition, we often visit some eagle that does not hesitate to dispute the food with foxes, wolves or even some lynx if necessary.

There are many photographs that have been made from the hide, where the main strength is the wolf and the bear, which for the moment in absolutely all sessions have been shown.

The distances of the animals are always short, we speak of between 5 and 30 meters, which has made this hide one of the best options for photographers around the world.

The interaction between the various animals that appear is always worth observing, since the wolves do not hesitate to try to throw the bears of the area and these in turn do not let themselves be intimidated so easily.

It is a unique place to track wolves, lynxes or bison, and in this trip  we intend to enter the world of wolves.

Action plan

The guide will be waiting for the participants at the destination airport (Poland) with the vehicle prepared.

First we have to make a road trip to the wolf region in the east of Poland, a journey of 4 hours while we enjoy different landscapes of southern Poland.

Arrival at the Piros Explorer accommodation located on the outskirts of a small town, all surrounded by countryside and within the territory of the wolves.

Once we are in the accommodation and we are settled, we will take a walk to stretch our legs and know the surroundings of the house.

From that moment, we will do the planing of tickets to the hide, you can do daily session or choose some of the days, it depends on the participant.

Throughout the trip, we will carry out the following activities:

- Hide sessions (the hide is accessed in 4x4 and can transport everything we need in total comfort to spend the night inside)

- Bison excursion, both in 4x4 and walking we will enter the habitat of the bison to try to observe and photograph them.

- Wolf and Bear Tracking: A session where we will enter the territory of bears and wolves to know their traces and traces and understand their behavior a little better.

- Landscape photography: An optional session to go in search of places to photograph rivers, bridges, villages and even night landscape photography.

- Visit the river of the mountains of the wolf: A must visit where we will wait in the river where wolves, bears and bison cross, a unique opportunity to photograph these animals in an aquatic environment, something difficult to get anywhere else in Europe.


Meals will be made mostly in local restaurants or at home, plus the days of hide is necessary to have dinner and breakfast inside. We have a barbecue area in the garden of the house that we can use to celebrate a good photo shoot.


The last day, we collect everything and return to the airport depending on the departure time of the plane, we make a meal that serves as a farewell to the group. The guide will take care of bringing each participant to the airport and will help in any way to ensure that they can catch their flight normally.






- Transfer airport - accommodation - airport
- Local transportation
- 2 session of hide
- Excursions
- Specialist guide
- Accommodation
- Permissions

Not included

Everything not described in section included

from 1.150 €